About Us

Written by Yönetici
Tuesday, 21 April 2009 17:19

HT ENGINEERING LTD. CO. has been established in August 2000, by facing new century, comprising its understanding and technical aspects.

The "Company Profilers" basing on modern technics, qualified tools of management and underlined customer satisfaction.

The company is self confident to apply its own philosophy for each project, which are all aimed to satisfy the customer;

• Costs for reliability never decrease the profit.

• Costs for quality control are the profit of next project.

• What customers ask is HT's task.

• First plan the project, prepare and measure the details, develope
  at site and try to fulfill planned requirements.

• The project never said to be completed until customer says it is

• HT has the power for all sizes and all kinds of mechanical
  installation works.

• HT has both maneuver flexibility of a small troops and capacity of
  big army.

• HT'signature is "Satisfactorily Completed Projects".

In 2001, at first year, HT has been completed eight Genset Power Plants at the same time together with small other industrial installation works. This is a real success, if somebody asks the quality to the customers.

All of those power plants are in operation at the moment and allow owners to gain money.

Eight power plant site at the same time may give some small hints for HT's abilities, but not completely. To cooperate in a project will create a definite trust on HT.

Growing and improving ever since, HT is now serving with its dedicating 50 employees and subcontractors.

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